Make It Happen


I’m a big believer of the “Make It Happen” mentality.  If you want something bad enough, you go for it. It’s completely on you to make time for it, make a plan and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I really dislike listening to people complain about wanting something but never actually taking the effort to find a […]

I’m Officially a “Dirty Girl” – Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014


Over the weekend, I got down and dirty at the dirty girl mud run 2014. If you’ve ever participated in a Dirty Girl Mud Run then you should know the event is especially designed for the ladies. It is a 5K distance with 12 fun-filled obstacles. And proceeds from the event benefit Bright Pink organization […]

Dirty Girl Mud Run 2014


What makes an overweight, out-of-shape person spend upwards of $75 to endure 3.5 miles of physical activity they have been avoiding for years? MUD!! And not just mud, but a mud run event, where participants dress as if it were Halloween to tackle a military-inspired obstacle course. Who in their right mind would pay for […]

The 2014 Michael Matters 5K Walk for Brain Cancer


Yesterday we walked in support of those in Chicago suffering from the impacts of brain cancer, and in loving memory of my Dad. The Michael Matters Foundation, Inc. was founded in honor of Michael P. Schostok, who succumbed to a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor at a young age. The Foundation’s mission is to increase public awareness […]

My Fit U is AWESOME! Review & GIVEAWAY

MyFitU Header.jpeg

I am really vocal about my love of P90X and Tony Horton, but the one thing I’ve found over the past four years is I get bored after doing the same exercises over and over again.  When given the opportunity to try something new, I thought great another crazy “fitness” routine that I will use […]

So Now Sitting Will Kill YOU? Really…

pretty female college student studying in the university library

There was a study conducted by Northwestern University and published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.  Yes, that journal does exist.  They monitored healthy women between the ages of 40 to 75 for a week.  What was the point of this monitoring?  To determine if these women were receiving enough physical […]

Need a Little Help? Try Body Works Life-Enhancing Shots for Energy, Sleep, Relaxation & More!


Sometimes you need a little more than a kick in the pants to get going.  You know what I mean, those mornings when a cup of coffee just won’t do the trick.  Or worse, those nights when you can’t relax or can’t stop your mind from wondering to your “To-Do” list long enough to enjoy […]

Family Jogging, Dieting and Creative Bioscience

Active family - mother and kids running outdoor

Family Jogging, Dieting and Creative Bioscience the secret to real weight loss success! You know the adage dieting with a friend keeps you motivated.  I believe this to be true, but I think it shouldn’t be just a friend but your entire family.  Now, I don’t mean put your child on a diet so you […]

This is NOT a New Year’s Resolution


    I am not big on New Year’s Resolution, because according to one of my favorite shows (NCIS) 92% of people don’t follow through.  Yes, I just quoted a statistic from a fictional television show – I think that means its true.  Anyway, this year I will be doing the non-resolution plan just to […]

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

2013 silhoutte jump new year

With the approaching New Year, many of you will start to consider your New Year Resolutions.  You know that promise you make to yourself that lasts about 3 months and then you go right back to the same old habits.  “I will lose 10 lbs”, “I will go to the gym regularly”, “I will eat […]

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