Could We Live Here?

Once you have kids, where you live isn’t just about you anymore. You want your kids to have the best possible upbringing. But the elements conducive to an “ideal” upbringing are naturally a matter of debate. Is it important to you to raise your kid in the city, the country, or the suburbs? Many parents […]

Basement Bathroom Remodel Reveal


It’s finally time to reveal the new, and much improved, bathroom in our basement. The previous owners had already roughed in the bathroom in the basement, frankly I probably wouldn’t have bothered to add a bathroom in the basement, but I thought what the heck, let’s just finish it. When I purchased the home not […]

Our House History


After my Dad died in 2010 my brother and I sold our parents house. And here we are four years later, and the people who bought the house from us are now selling it. It’s kinda weird to see pictures of how they fixed it up and decorated it, but it’s also fun to see.  […]

Hall Bath Remodel Reveal


I prefer to live with a room (especially bathrooms and kitchens) as-is for a while before I make any big changes, but at the inspection it was discovered that the water pipes throughout the house were shot and would have to be totally replaced. When the home inspector turned on the bathroom sink and then […]

Shut the Front Door


With spring finally here and summer around the corner, I’m concentrating on the exterior of our house and looking forward to many updates out there this year. We recently painted the exterior of our home, and today I can reveal the front door. After careful consideration I decided to keep the front door. It’s original […]

House Plans: Exterior Paint Reveal


With spring finally here and summer around the corner, I’m concentrating on the exterior of our house and looking forward to many updates out there this year.  We all have dreams of beautiful gardens and pretty landscaping to enjoy, and that’s been on my mind since I bought my house last year.  Inside work was […]

Welcome to Our Home


I am addicted to real estate. I love, love, love looking at, buying, selling, and renovating homes. In 2013, an intriguing fixer-upper popped up in a great neighborhood that was actually below my budget and I jumped at the chance. The inside of the house is far from perfect, and admittedly a tad smaller than […]

Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids: Bunny Rabbit Mask


Good morning and Happy Friday! This was one of those weeks where I felt like “OMG this is the longest week” and “OMG where did this week go” all at once. I had planned on posting more but I’m still recovering from the bronchitis that just won’t go away (I’m on round two of antibiotics), […]

How Many Times Have You Moved in Your Lifetime?


In my Ultimate Blog Party post last week I shared a little bit about myself and where I’ve lived, etc. and it got me thinking about how many moves I’ve made over the years. Since graduating college, I figured out that I have moved a grand total of 12 times in nineteen years. That’s not […]

When Mom is Sick Tips


In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA, I’ve been sick for the past two days with bronchitis. I hope to be back in full force on Monday. Have you ever had that day, or week, when you were sick and home with the kids, and feeling like total crap? Well, if you’re lucky, you have […]

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