NEXUS and Niagara Falls, NY – Oh, What a Day!

I’ve decided to do a little something different in the coming year.  I mean I will still post some reviews, etc.  But I’ve decided my blog is no longer true to exactly who I am and what I’m doing so it is best to introduce you to my new life.  I am a traveling, working […]

You Don’t Have to Answer THAT! Illegal Job Interview Questions

Job interviews haven’t changed much over the years, the company wants to know you better and what expertise you bring to the table.  But what has changed is what questions are considered illegal during the interview process.  It is important as a candidate to be familiar with your rights and how to proceed if you […]

Act like you have some sense…Proper Plane Etiquette


I have spent a lot of time flying over the past few months and the thing that is consistent about flying is the lack of sense people display as they rudely pretend they are the only person in the airport and on the plane.  So, I have devised a quick 10 point checklist as a […]

Chobani Champions: How I Learned to Juggle by Rebekah Davis

  Visit the Chobani Champions website to read my post, “How I Learned to Juggle”!   Chobani Champions.

I Hate it When My Husband is Right!

Bunny and Turtle

My store website, School of Wash, is undergoing a huge change – new site, new product lines, new products.  And I have spent a lot of time the last couple of days, heck the last month, dwelling on new ideas and being generally impatient about the whole process.  I know what I want, I have […]

Spotlight on Mommy

  I was interviewed by Inspired by Savannah for their “Spotlight on Mommy” segment.  Check out the full interview – here.  

How to Work with a Spouse


My husband and I have a wonderful love story.  We met when I was hired to be his partner at the pharmaceutical company where he was working.  I was moving to Augusta, GA to be close to my then current boyfriend, and was taking a new position because my employer had no available openings.  The […]

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