Holy cow, how is it Monday and more importantly, how is it June already? Life has been completely crazy. Starting with work…I was supposed to have a 4 day week, and yet somehow managed to work 40 hours in 4 days in addition to a few hours over the weekend!  As you may recall my work computer hard drive crashed and desktop support is still trying to see if they can recover any files, but so far no word on that, so I had to do a lot of work over and now I’m woefully behind.

And on the homefront, my daughter is going through a major growth spurt. Nothing unusual about that, except that she is constantly hungry and wakes up in the middle of the night starving. A few days ago she woke up at 4:00am literally yelling at me, demanding I get her “a bowl of goldfish [crackers]” because she was SO hungry.  I got her the crackers and she proceeded to eat them in my bed while I fell back asleep. Needless to say, I am not getting a lot of sleep these days.

What else? Well, we are dealing with issues with our new au pair who arrived nine days ago. Even in the best situations, transitioning from one caregiver to another is not easy. But this is more than that. I’m not gonna go into any of the details here, but I’ll just say that I think one of the most difficult aspects of being a working mom is finding child care that you can trust.  My daughter’s safety is always my primary concern. With everything else happening in my life right now, I didn’t really need this but it is what it is and I’m trying to figure things out.

On a much happier note we hosted a Bon Voyage BBQ for our departing au pair. A great time was had by all…

partyfood_whmWe are very sad to see her go, but we are also very excited for what lies ahead for her. She will be traveling the USA for a month with her Mom (who arrived from France on Saturday). They will end their trip back here in July so we don’t have to officially say goodbye, yet.

decoration_whmSo anyway, it’s been busy. I’ve been a bad blogger and I’m sorry. I promise to do better this week.



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