Guest Bloggers


Thank you for your interest in contributing your experiences, advice, and thoughts to the We Heart Mom community. We appreciate the time and effort that you put into creating great content for our readers.

What We Are About

Our mission at We Heart Mom is to provide our fellow mom’s with a medium that is created with their needs, interests, and challenges in mind. We strive to be a source of motivation, support, and information for parents everywhere. We are thrilled and thankful that you would like to be part of that mission. This page will let you know exactly how you can join us on this mission.

What We Cover

We Heart Mom covers topics pertaining to parenting. Here is a list of some of the broad topics we are interested in:

  1. Parenting advice
  2. Working Mom
  3. Tweens
  4. Single parenting issues
  5. DIY household projects
  6. Health & fitness
  7. Personal experiences
  8. Fashion & Beauty
  9. Finances/Money management


We will edit your content for such things as typos and grammatical errors. We will also edit it for formatting improvements. If we feel the need to make any big changes to your content, we will send the draft back to you for approval before we publish it on We Heart Mom.


Please do inject your posts with your personality. We like for each of our readers to feel like we are speaking directly to them, so we like our posts to appear a bit conversational in nature.

Post Length

We aren’t dictators over here at We Heart Mom. We like posts to be long enough to cover the topic thoroughly. Pretty straightforward, right?

Promoting Your Post

Of course, we will do our part in sharing your post with our community. We want our readers to see what you have to share with them. We also encourage you to share your post with your networks as well. In this way, we can both widen our reach and further our influence.

Submission No No’s

Your submission will be rejected if it is:

  1. Promotional in nature. You may include information about what you do in your Author Bio, but we ask that (unless the topic calls for it) you refrain from promoting your business.
  2. Not of value to the We Heart Mom community. That’s a given.
  3. Not an original submission. Please do not send us something that has already been published elsewhere.

Submitting your content

You may email your finished content to We will get back to you within 48-72hrs to provide any necessary feedback as well as to let you know when your guest blog post will be published.

When you make your submission, please include:

  1. Your article as a Word document
  2. Your headshot and a short bio

Thank you, again, for your interest in submitting content for We Heart Mom.