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Have you heard about Tiny Tap?  Tiny Tap is an app for parents, designers and just about everyone to create their own game for their child.  What better way to teach your child then create a game to reinforce your lessons at home.  And in this day and time, technology knowledge is a must and the younger you start the better prepared your child will be for future learning.

What do we love about Tiny Tap?  Creating a game for your child has never been easier.  We created our own game within 15 minutes – the hardest part of the design was deciding which lesson we wanted to start with!  The graphics are incredible, and our two-year old child tester not only loved the game, but begged to play it over and over again.  Score!



Check it out for yourself.



You can use pictures of your child!



The app leads you through the creation process keeping it simple!




It is the easiest way to create your own fun for your child.  What better way to protect your child online then by creating your own games!  And once you’ve created your game, you have the option to allow others to play as well.  Share your game, play other people’s games and open a whole new world for your child with truly imaginative play.

Learn to create your own games.  Watch the Tiny Tap instruction video here!

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