My teeth felt fine BEFORE going to the dentist!

Well hey there everyone!  I am slowwwwwwly lifting my head up and returning to the land of the living after a few weeks in dental hell.

Let me catch you up…so last month I went to a new dentist because my previous dentist of 20 years recently retired. New dentist came highly recommended and had glowing reviews on Yelp, so I went to my first appointment, got xrays done, and I immediately felt like I was in good hands.

Unfortunately, those good feelings were short lived.  At my first visit with new dentist he was hesitant to talk disparagingly about old dentist, but he said the truth of the matter was that basically my teeth were not well cared for by my old dentist and I was going to need a bit of work.

I was stunned. What kind of work?!?!

Well, new dentist said there was a whole mess of decay in several teeth and I would require multiple crowns.

So…even though I brush and floss regularly AND I saw my old dentist 2 times a year for as long as I can remember, you’re saying that all meant squat?!


My teeth felt fine BEFORE going to the dentist!

I had crowns to be done on both sides of my mouth so new dentist said the right side was worse so let’s begin there.  I got the the crowns down on the right side, and it sucked of course, but it was over and done with quickly and the pain started to go away a few days after. Phew.

Not so fast, because about four days after the crowns I started to get this throbbing pain in that same area, and it kept getting worse and worse and worse. So I reluctantly went back, and new dentist said it was probably because the bite was too high (when your teeth don’t chomp down evenly). So he filed down the new crown and sent me on my way. I prayed that would do the trick.

Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right, the pain did not go away, it intensified! I called new dentist office, again, and they said unfortunately you need to see an Endodontist to determine if you need a root canal.

So, you’re telling me that I had no problems with my teeth, other than them slowly rotting away (without me knowing).  I had NO pain at all before going to the dentist.  And now I was looking at a root canal?!?! WTF

What’s even worse is all this tooth saving nonsense cost me nearly three thousand bucks! (and that’s with crappy dental insurance)

So last week I had the root canal procedure. He drilled, and drilled, and drilled, and drilled some more.  Then he jammed some medication up in there and filled it.  Thanks, doc! I felt like crying several times just from the feeling of relief.

And then, four days later instead of feeling better I started having intense pain, same side of mouth but different tooth.

Oh dear god, not again.

So earlier this week I had a SECOND root canal, and even without painkillers, the pain is almost entirely gone.  Hallelujah.  I still can’t tolerate having food on that side of my mouth but I’ll take that over intense pain.

Most of all, I am so angry at retired dentist that if I saw him on the street I don’t know what I’d do. I was a client of his practice for 20+ years. I trusted him. But right now I’m contemplating whether to seek legal action.

Even better, I’m not done yet! I’ve got two teeth on the other side of my mouth that he wants to tackle early next year. I am petrified that it’s going to turn out the same way the other side did.

I’m sure a lot of people have had crowns and root canals done and already know, but in my case it was a first, and I learned a few things:

  • A lot of deep root cavities will not show up on x-rays
  • Extreme sensitivity to warm food or drink is almost a sure sign of a deep tooth infection
  • The pain radiates all over and it is very hard to tell which tooth is the problem
  • If you ignore it, the pain can become unbelievably bad, much worse than the treatment
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  1. Thank you for sharing, we all have this problem once we visit the dentist we will regret!

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