What I Learned From Visiting Hawaii

Now that our spring vacation is over I’m back to the daily grind. You know the drill — wake up, go to work, leave work exhausted, hang with my kid for a few short hours, fight with kid to go to bed, fall asleep watching TV, and then start the day all over again.

Since I just arrived back after a eight day hiatus in paradise, naturally, you might have guessed that I was not looking forward to going home to cold and snowy Chicago or as we Chicagoans have lovingly dubbed it this winter “Chiberia”.

But that’s ok, really it is. We were so fortunate to have gone to Hawaii at all. In fact, I learned some valuable things on our trip that will help guide me in the future. In particular:

  • There are so many places in the world I have yet to explore, and equally so many experiences I want to have. It’s only a matter of time before my daughter is old enough that we can do more travel and that’s just what I intend to do. Our kids won’t remember things we buy them, they’ll remember the experiences we have with them, the places we traveled, and the time we spent together as a family.
  • I’m more of a “slow travel” kind of person, what I mean is, instead of the action packed vacation more common for those of us working full-time jobs, I’m not interested in rushing from shuttle bus to plane to another plane to shuttle bus to hotel to attractions to restaurants.  When I travel, I prefer to spend my time taking it easy, relaxing, and experiencing things more like the locals do.  We rented a condo for the week in Hawaii and it was much more enjoyable way to spend our precious time off.
  • Believe the hype. Hawaii is absolutely positively gorgeous. The weather, the beaches, everything. Hawaii is one of those places that reminds us that there is a benefit to sunshine and good weather, and the simple pleasures of nature. However, I don’t think I would necessarily want to live on a tropical island full-time. What I do know is that I’m not interested in living in Chicago the rest of my life, I’m just not a cold weather person. I need more sun, milder temperatures, and for goodness sake, no more ice and snow! There are places (although not as warm as Hawaii year round), that would provide temperate weather all year round, so why not consider moving there permanently?
  • The only thing that hesitates me about moving is the thought of being so far away from our wonderful friends & family in Chicago. My parents died a few years ago, and my family is scattered all over the USA now. Particularly, my brother & SIL live in Alaska, so I’m leaning towards somewhere on the west coast. (And no, I’m not moving to Alaska, been there done that). No matter what, ending up somewhere warmer is definitely the goal.
  • And furthermore on the topic, I believe the weather can have a profound impact on your daily life. I seriously believe if I lived somewhere where I could be in summer clothes year round, it would easily add years to my life. In the winter, we Chicagoans tend to hibernate, we hide away in our homes till spring comes. When the weather is warmer, I’m always more active, plus it prompts you to go out and do things, not sit around inside.
  • I’m not opposed to working, I’m just not crazy about working in a corporate environment forever. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that I have the job I have now. And I actually really enjoy doing things and learning. So, why on top of all that am I blogging? Because I absolutely love doing it! It’s extremely rewarding, it’s my creative outlet, and I especially enjoy being able to connect with readers and other bloggers. In the future I hope to transition fully away from corporate america to blogging full-time. Right now it’s just a dream but if I put the effort in, over time I very well might be able to make it happen.

It was a good trip, although it is always nice to be home again. If only it did not take so long to reacclimate!

What about you? Where do you want to ultimately end up?

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