What are you most thankful for?

With Thanksgiving today I thought I’d take this opportunity to list what I am most thankful for this year.

948fad628a685e9f040a70951cb2fe571. My daughter

I’m so thankful that I’m a mom.  There were so many years when all I could do was long to have children of my own.  Then, finally, I had my daughter. Even on those days when being a mom is a challenge, there is always something about our children to be thankful for.

2. My friends

My friends are like family to me. These past five years in particular have been full of change, some good and some bad. Change is inevitable and happens whether we like it or not! With those changes I have been blessed with strengthening of my friendships, new people coming into my life, and re-connecting with old friends. I’ve got some really great friends, they are the people who know me best. It’s truly the people in our lives that matter the most and as I get older, I’m so much more aware of that fact.

3. My health

Health is such an important thing, yet I know I always take mine and the health of my family for granted. Disease and illness can affect anyone and any time, so I am really thankful for my health and that of my loved ones. With age comes wisdom and looking back on my life so far I’d say I’ve come a long way and learned a lot about this world we live. I can’t wait to see what lessons my future holds.

4. My Family

I’m grateful for my family that live near and far. Even though it sometimes feels like my brother and sister-in-law are a million miles away (man, I wish flights were cheaper!), they always know how to make me smile, especially on holidays that I can’t spend with them.

5. My Home

I’m thankful for my home, my sanctuary. We are so fortunate to have a roof over our heads, and live in this house. It truly is my home, sweet, home.

6. My Work

I am thankful that I have a job, and feel proud that I have the ability to sustain a nice quality of life for my family.


7. You

Thank you for being one of the blessings I am counting this year! Having taking over We Heart Mom back in February, I look back at the year and confidently say that this whole experience has truly been an honor for me. I am so unbelievably thankful I get to share parenting, life, and everything in between with you dear readers. I know I’ve been a lackluster blogger lately, so I appreciate those of you who have continued to stick with me as my posting has become more sporadic. I’ve been working so much that it’s becoming harder to keep up with the regular posting schedule. But I still love this blog and I’m going to keep going with it as long as anyone still reads it, so thank you so much for following along!


What are you thankful this year?

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