Did you make prank calls when you were a kid?


Growing up in the 1980s, when you were bored and wanted to annoy a stranger, a friend, or boy you had a crush on, you could make a prank call. Today, prank calling still exists but it has become way more sophisticated and even dangerous. Making prank calls now may get you arrested. In 2013, […]

Teach Your Child to Swim


Many children enjoy taking piano lessons, art lessons, and dance lessons. Swimming lessons are not only fun, but learning to swim is a life skill that can save someone’s life! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 14,000 Americans age 19 and younger drowned from 1999 to 2010 — and 40 percent […]

Could We Live Here?


Once you have kids, where you live isn’t just about you anymore. You want your kids to have the best possible upbringing. But the elements conducive to an “ideal” upbringing are naturally a matter of debate. Is it important to you to raise your kid in the city, the country, or the suburbs? Many parents […]

REVIEW: Fruttare Ice Bars

@Fruttare @Target #IceCreamStockup

When you crave a treat on a hot summer day, what do you think of? I’m sure many of you would say, “Ice cream!” When I was growing up one of my favorite things about summer was my parents taking us for soft serve ice cream! If we didn’t go out for ice cream we […]

Robin Williams and Suicide Prevention

Photo: Everett Collection

The world is a little less funny this week. The death of Robin Williams brings into harsh focus the very serious but too-often-ignored issue of depression and suicide in people of all ages. You wonder how someone could be so devoid of hope? Yeah me too. But, I’m also not severely depressed and don’t pretend […]

No More Baby Monitor

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

After three years, I turned off the baby monitor and packed it away. I have no idea how long is “normal” to use a baby monitor. I’m guessing most parents stop using it when their child makes the move to a regular bed. When she was in her crib, as a solid sleeper I always […]

Tips for Photographing Young Kids


You may have noticed I haven’t posted as frequently, it’s because the summer days are just too precious to not enjoy.  I just hope everyone is well, staying healthy, and enjoying time with family and friends! One of the fun things we’ve been up to this summer was last weekend we had a photos taken […]

Summer 2014 To-Do List Update


Thought I would offer a little update on our Summer 2014 To-Do list! We’ve been having a crazy busy super fun summer!! 1. Go to an aquarium. This may be the one item we don’t get to this summer. However, we may plan this for the fall. 2. Go to a movie. We are going […]

Family Friendly Activities in Chicago – August 2014

Photo courtesy of the Illinois State Fair.

All good things must come to an end, even warm weather. Those of us Chicagoans who make it through the winter we live for summer. Here to help, we’ve sifted through the warm-weather calendar to bring you these family friendly activities in Chicago and surrounding suburbs in August. Continue reading…

40 Questions to Ask Your Parents and Grandparents


Today is my Grandma’s 89th birthday and I’ve been thinking about all the things I know (and don’t know) about her and that side of our family. I grew up living only a few blocks away from my maternal grandparents, so we’ve always been very close. As many of you know my daughter was born […]

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