Summer 2014 To-Do List Update

Thought I would offer a little update on our Summer 2014 To-Do list! We’ve been having a crazy busy super fun summer!!

1. Go to an aquarium. This may be the one item we don’t get to this summer. However, we may plan this for the fall.
2. Go to a movie. We are going this week to see Planes, Fire & Rescue – fingers crossed that she will sit through it!
3. Have a picnic lunch in the yard. Done, she loved it and asked to do it again!picnic3
4. Eat outside. We’ve done this many times this summer! I bought covers for the food, and we have to drown ourselves in bug spray to sit outside but it’s still better than not being able to sit outside at all.
5. Go swimming. We’ve gone to the pool a few times at my health club, and she got a blow-up pool for her birthday that we have used whenever it’s been really warm out.
6. Visit historical sites and state parks. We have been to the Forest Preserves many times. I plan to take her to my favorite state park in August but I don’t know if we will have time.
7. Sprinkler I bought a sprinkler and she loves running through it!
8. Make pizza on the grill. Totally forgot about this one – this is on my list for this week as I have a few days off!
9. Spend the night in a hotel We will be going out of town in August, however I don’t know if we will be staying in a hotel, we may rent a condo.
10. Pick a place with on a map and drive there.  Hopefully in September.
11. Camp out in the living room. Yes, we have done this numerous times.
12. Take a train trip. Not yet, will combine this to see the aquarium/zoo.
13. Airplane trip? (not sure about this one, if we do it will be in August)
14. Go to DQ for a soft-serve. Oh yes, a few times. It would be more if it wasn’t closer!
15. Catch fireflies. Um, no. It’s been so buggy we can’t really spend time outside at night to catch them. I don’t think this is going to happen this year.
16. Make s’mores. Yes, we made them using Petit Écolier cookies. It was easier for my daughter to hold together.
17. Go to the farmer’s market. In our town, it’s every friday and I haven’t had the day off until this week!
18. Make lemonade. Check!
19. Pick berries. I think I missed the window for this.
20. Go to the zoo Haven’t made it here yet, but I am hoping to take a trip there in August.

Whew! This has been, by far, the busiest summer we have ever had! But it has also been the most fun!

What have you been up to this summer?

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