Interview an Au Pair – Part 3

We continue our 3 part series on Au Pair’s for childcare. Before you start interviewing au pair’s, write down the must-have qualities and nice-to-have qualities that you are looking for. Your search criteria will be dependent on how many children you have and their ages. My criteria for one 5 year old is not the […]

Find an Au Pair Agency – Part 2

We continue our 3 part series on Au Pair’s for childcare. Once you’ve decided an au pair is right for your family, it’s time to find an agency. Start with the State Department’s list of Designated Sponsor Organizations. From the Program drop down list, select ‘Au Pair’. As of 2017, there are 17 agencies on […]

Choosing an Au Pair for In-Home Childcare – Part 1


This is part 1 in a 3 part series on au pair’s. Before returning to work after giving birth to my daughter, I had to figure out what childcare option would be best for our family. I visited daycare’s in our area, looked at the possibility of hiring a nanny, and finally, I researched au […]

Last Day of Kindergarten – School’s Out for Summer


Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! June 1st was the last day of school for us. Wow, kindergarten went by so quickly! I can’t believe it’s over already. It’s pretty amazing how much WHMJr learned this school year. She can read almost anything now and her writing is so much better than […]

Ten Days, a Damaged Car, Multiple Lies, and One Next Step


After 21 months, our incredible first au pair (aupair 1) finished her time with us last week. Our new au pair arrived ten days ago and they had a one week overlap to transition. As I mentioned in Monday’s post we have been dealing with issues with our new au pair. Even in the best […]

Why You Should Teach Your Child a Second Language at an Early Age


One thing I vowed before ever having kids was that I wanted my future kiddos to be bilingual at a young age. My parents did not speak any languages [besides English] so my first opportunity to learn a foreign language was not until the 6th grade. I took Spanish and I did okay, but I remember thinking it […]

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