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We live in a small town, and though our small close-knit community affords us a lot of advantages we find the biggest disadvantage is how easy it is to fall in the trap of believing every town is like ours.  It is easy to stay put and never venture out to explore the world, and allow our child to stay insulated and protected from the good and the bad.  But the truth is never leaving our community means our child grows narrow-minded and unadventurous.  That is why we feel the best education is a worldly education.

Most people hear this and think we can’t afford to pack up our children and head out into the world for days on end, but you are wrong – you can.  It doesn’t take a lot  of money to show your child the world it only takes a lot of courage and patience.  A tent, some comfortable shoes and a whole lot of “let’s do it” is all you need to travel.  Some of our most memorable trips never involved the airport or more than $100.  A campsite, regardless of how many children you have in tow, ranges from $8 – $20 and comes with enough adventure to keep them busy for days.

Teaching your children to travel, whether it is a 20-minute drive to a hike in the town next door or a 8-hour trip, gives your child the courage needed to be adventurous, the desire to see how other live and to broaden their mind to the beautiful differences you find in the people you meet.  It teaches them to be polite and courteous to others and that regardless of how big the world is around us we are truly all the same.

Give your child the best education money can buy – travel with them.

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